Ushare is an application through which wireless connection between your phone / tablet / PC and the projector can be achieved. You can stream music, photos , and videos from your phone /

Tablet / PC to your projector . And with Ushare or AirPlay Mirroring , you can display your phone / tablet / PC screen on your projector .

Use Ushare

1 , Enter Home Screen > Apps > Ushare

2 , Use your phone to download and install the Ushare Application by scanning the QR-code or visiting the website shown on the bottom of the projection screen ; also shown on the bottom left of the Home Screen

3 , Connect your phone and your projection to the same Wi-Fi network (see Connecting to Wi-Fi).

4 , Enter installed Ushare application on your phone and connect to the device name shown on bottom left of the Home Screen , then select the content you want to project .

Ushare download

Phone: +86 136 7016 7326