For a projector, how to pick up a good quality and cost-effective one usually depends on how you are going to use it, like for Education, for Home Cinema or for Mobile Business Presentation. We have Portable Projector with 3D for Home Theater, DLP Projector with Android OS for Business, Mini Projector with HDMI for outdoor traveling. For more details, please contact with us.

1 . Can the projectors support 3D videos, what kind of 3D glasses that should be used?

Yes, our 3D projector applies DLP active 3D imaging technology, it not only supports 3D videos, also supporting 2D movie to 3D movie conversion. Active 3D glasses should be used when watching 3D videos.

2 . Can the smart projector connect to the Wi-Fi and surfing online?

Yes, our smart Wi-Fi projector can connect to the Wi-Fi network, both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, 802.11a/b/g/n. When the Wi-Fi network is connected, you can search and watch movie online.

3 . Can the mini projector connect to smart phones? How?

Yes, both the smart projector with Android OS can connect to smart phones and iPhones with cables directly or wirelessly through DLNA Airplay or Mirror-cast.

4 . How many hours can the led lamp works?

We use the Osram LED lamps in our projector; its lifetime can reach over 30,000 hours.

5 . What is the maximal projection size of the projector?

For portable projectors, it can reach 180inch at a distance of 4.5 meters; for Pico models, it is 120inch at distance of 4 meters.

6 . Does the projector have Bluetooth?

Yes, Android projectors have Bluetooth 4.0; for the models without Android OS, there is no Bluetooth function.

7 . Can I connect the mini projector to TV?

No, but you can connect the projector to DVD player, Set-top box, Blue-ray player and other digital devices.

8 . If the led lamp of the projector is broken, can it be replaced?

Yes, replacement is no problem. We offer 14 months warranty time for our products.

9 . Can I replace the broken remote control?

Yes, you can contact the seller on Amazon to ask to replace your broken remote control.

T8e smart projector with battery remote control link:


H8&H9 3D smart LED projector remote control link:


A5 pico smart projector remote control link:


10 . How to connect to the projector wirelessly or via Wi-Fi?

For iOS devices, please connect the projector via AirPlay.

For other devices, please use the UShare. (If you need the UShare, please leave us a message and we will send it to you.)

11 . The projector won’t boot and stops at the “smart projector” LOGO.

Please contact the seller on Amazon and leave us a message. We will replace a new one for you.

12 . Could you please give me the e-user manual of WOWOTO Projector?

Please leave us a message that you want an e-user manual, and we will send it to your email.

13 . Can I use the Miracast to connect the laptop and the projector?

No, you can’t. You can install a Ushare (AirPlay for iOS) to connect the projector.

14 . Does the intelligent projector support the USB flash disk (SD card)?

The projector supports USB flash disk and SD card’s FAT32 and NTFS formats.

15 . How to solve the problem that the Amazon prime fails to play?

Please update the Android projector version. (Please send us a message, and we will send the updates to your email)

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