Company profile

WOWOTO works as a developer and manufacturer of LED projectors, dedicating to bringing clients outstanding products, so that everyone can enjoy the charm of projection technology then a smart and perfect life.

As a significant solution provider of DLP projectors in China, our market share ranks the 1st, partnering with Optoma, Philips, 3M company, BenQ, Vodafone, Lenovo, TCL and other local companies.

The R&D team is strong with more than 40 technical hardware and software experts; over 10-year experience in projectors which definitely enable us best possible end to end solution to the customer, like circuit design, MD design, PCB layout, cooling system, and smart operation system.
Over 10 years' experience in displaying industry, WOWOTO has expanded the portfolio of mini LCOS projectors, LCD projectors to portable DLP LED projectors with WXGA up native resolution and better luminance. These products are featuring DLP-link 3D imaging, HD multimedia system, and Android smart operating system and Windows operating system.

About Concox

Here is to announce that Concox and IC Power Group Ltd. is the subsidiary company of   Shenzhen WOWOTO Technology Co., Ltd. and it deals in LED DLP Projector.

Phone: +86 136 7016 7326