Brand culture

Brand positioning : focus on the innovation and development of intelligent projection technology

Brand vision : become the world's intelligence projection innovation practitioners

Brand mission : let more people enjoy the beautiful science and technology

Brand position : advocate a kind of high quality intelligent life experience

Core values : focus, innovation, sharing


In order to let more people enjoy the technology bring a better life experience, CVIM crystal source power since 2006, continuous invested tens of millions of applied to intelligent projector products research and development, more than 10 several international and domestic relevant patents, including T9 portable handheld smart wireless smart mini projector, A6 DLP projector and so on is the oldest, largest market share of DLP mini projector technology solutions provider.

Continue to more than 30 countries and regions in the world of micro intelligent projector technology services, including circuit board design, structural design, software production and debugging, production, assembly, etc.

Research and design of the micro intelligent projector series products, whether in the product's visual effect, operation flow, and stability are standing in the forefront of the industry.

Company realizes the concept of choose and employ persons of the people-oriented, common development, create loose corporate culture, play each person's creative passion.

We believe that only the pursuit of excellence, sharing and win-win, to integrate resources effectively, to pursuit of technical innovation, and strive to achieve perfection in quality, to develop the best products and services on the market of commitment!

Phone: +86 136 7016 7326


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